Sexy Pictures in MMORPGs

We all know that one factor for the success of an online game that developers consider in creating MMOs is the visuals. One thing I can’t help but notice are the sexy pictures that seems to run abound these MMORPGs.  Is this really the signs of the time wherein everything is inserted with sexy or erotic  images or innuendos?




MMORPG – Shaiya, Union of Fury


MMORPG – Goddess of Darkness



MMORPG – Shaiya,Alliance of Light, Union of FUry


 MMORPG – Atlantica


MMORPG – Atlantica


These are truly feasts to the eyes. As long as they do not step beyond the boundaries of phornography, let them flourish the game universe. Online game communities will always be vigilant when these things do come overboard. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of our Gamers and for sure…anything that is OVER will be thrown overboard…


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